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A tool designed for under graduates; amateurs can start digitizing with less than 2 hours of training

is a geospatial mapping software
with minimalistic UI;
It supports aerial images and LAS data and
it is apt for digitization / production grade workforce.

> Remote supervisor dashboard
> Periodic management reports on efficiency of the team
> Available in 7 Indic languages, English and Japanese

lidar.lionn helps to simplify your team structure

100 Experts

20 Experts + 80 amateurs

Giving jobs to undergraduates studied at local medium schools

"Computer literacy is not important. Only common sense is expected!.
We only gather team members when we sign contract with our customers in Sweden.”
– Bipin Kumar, GM GIS operations, Mega Tech, Bengaluru

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Note that, certain usage information from the application shall be collected for improving the product. No personal information is collected.
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lidar.lionn is a minimalistic software
surprisingly simple for your team!
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